CRF 250R ENDURO 2017

Thanks to several upgrades to increase the power, the CRF 250R Enduro and CRF 300R Enduro 2017 are ready to overcome and win all the special tests.
HRC designed a completely revised cylinder head, piston and connecting rod in order to increase the torque at low revs, without any loss of performance at midrevs. The CRF 250R Enduro and CRF 300R Enduro 2017 show off the new bene ts by holding the gear longer.
Particular attention is given to suspension developed by Honda Enduro Team. Showa SFF-TAC Air is designed to enhance traction, suspension reaction and rider feel. It is also set up and adjusted to match with the forks.

The wiring electric system is state-of-the-art. You can add a cooling fan as accessory. The radiator on the left side is bigger to ensure the best dissipation of heat produced at full power.
The gearbox has a bearing-type shift drum stopper to improve feel at the gear level.
Honda 3-way Engine Mode Selection Button makes an already very usable engine even more adaptable. It is very useful for the riders who can change the characteristics of the engine matching them to the condition of each special stage.

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Digital speedometer
Honda’s 3-way Engine Mode Selection Button
Factory style graphic
Exhaust system with carbon fiber muffler caps
Rear wawe disc
LED Headlight
260mm front wawe disc
Aluminum side stand
Strong skid plate
Powerful engine with HRC specifications
Digital speedometer
O-Ring roller chain