Honda steps into the arena of race-set Enduro bikes through the wonderful CRF 450RX Enduro, a real special, fast, powerful bike.
The CRF 450RX has already inside the pure enduro DNA to deal with every special test. It is available in two versions, the RX and RXCountry, each one with different tank capacity. The RX model has a 7.3 liter tank, the Country one has a 8.5 liter tank designed for longer runs.
Both versions offer something completely new to expert riders all over the world. They have just been introduced, but they are ready to win at the highest level of competition. The CRF 450RX and RXCountry aim at pushing the limits on rough paths, challenging amazing climbs.
The suspensions have a specific enduro setting. The mapping system of the unit is set to provide a more linear power. For both CRF 450RX versions, Honda EMSB is available system to let the rider choose between three different mappings.
The riders can make the most of the new powerful engine thanks to a seventh-generation chassis. The lower center of gravity offers the best traction and allows the rider be as fast as possible.

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LED headlight
Digital speedometer
Strong skid plate
Special enduro rear shock
Plate holder with LED taillight
Exhaust system with carbon fiber muffler caps
Aluminum side stand
7.3 liter fuel tank (mod. RX)
Bigger 8.5 liter fuel tank (mod. RXCountry)
49mm Showa fork with steel springs tuned for enduro
Handguards designed for enduro models
Electric starter