Africa Twin Rally

Africa Twin Rally Special Parts
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The result of the experience of the pilot Paolo Ceci at Africa Eco Race 2017 and set up by RedMoto Srl – partner of Honda Motor Europe Ltd Italy – using the best professional components, the new unstoppable Africa Twin Rally is able to face the most extreme raids at pace racing aiming for victory.
Approval for use on the road and the possibility of mounting the normal accessories dedicated to the standard model make it perfectly usable even in long-range tourism.

The Africa Twin Rally 2017 is a model regularly approved for road circulation, available both in the version with manual transmission and in the version with sequential gearbox with dual clutch DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission).
Exhaust emissions comply with the limits imposed by the Euro4 approval.

TERMIGNONI homologated complete exhaust system with titanium components. Derived from the Dakar esperience, complete with stainless steel Racing front pipes.

Innovative UPMAP system that allows, through the application, to download the mapping that best suits your configuration and to install it in the CDI of your motorcycle

New front fork settings with new springs and hydraulics calibration specifically designed for off-road use. The fork cap, CNC machined, offers the possibility of adding pressure in case of need.

Shock absorber with new spring and new hydraulic calibration to adapt perfectly to off-road riding. The original preloading system remains unchanged and is now equipped with an anodized aluminum CNC adjustment knob.

Silicone rubber radiator hoses for a racing look.

High resistance stainless steel foot pegs, CNC machined for maximum grip of the boot in off-road

Racing chain guide in shockproof Teflon for maximum efficiency even in extreme conditions with reinforced swingarm support, aluminum made, CNC machined

Innovative aluminum tower where the original dashboard is housed, hosts the triptych of LED headlights and the innovative transparent fairing derived from the Dakar motorcycle. Of course, the tower is designed to fix the roadbook and all the navigation and safety tools required during the races.

Special triple clamp from CNC machined to reduce the front fork torsion even in the most difficult paths even at high speeds. The connection for the steering damper is already prepared and the steering lock is maintained at the same time

The front fender with an innovative design and the new fork protection integrate perfectly with the new side panels that replicate the Dakar bike.

New one piece seat with ultra-light foam and vinyl cover to facilitate the rider’s movement on off-road tracks.

Aluminum chain guard for maximum protection and excellent durability.

Innovative and unique carbon fiber skid plate derived from the CRF used in the Dakar that offers the widest protection to the frame, engine and exhaust.

All the engine and phase control caps are made by CNC machined anodized aluminum as well as the front brake master cylinder cap.

The front sprocket is well protected by a carbon fiber protection while the rear sprocket is equipped with an aluminum body which guarantees a reduced weight while the teeth are made of steel for longer life.

The revolutionary frame protections made in carbon fiber gives the possibility to freely move the boot helping the off-road riding. At the same time, special stickers positioned in the smoothest part of the frame offer the rider a great grip.

Another “Racing” touch is given by the carbon fiber fuel tank wiskers.

The sturdy wheels with CNC machined hub are equipped with sturdy Excel rims, suitable for racing. The equipment is completed with off-road tires and reinforced inner tubes.

The braided front brake hoses optimizes the already powerful braking of the standard Africa Twin

Even with the new tail design, it is possible to mount the original Honda suitcases and thanks to the tubular structure of the new handle it is very easy to equip the bike with the original top case.

The LED light integrated in the tail, combined with the steel plate holder with a minimal design, make the rear mudguard even more slender and aggressive.

The radiators are well protected by reinforced aluminum grids.

A net weight saving of over 7 kg guarantees the new Africa Twin Rally unparalleled handling and perfect balance

Thanks to the interventions on the exhaust and the adoption of the UPmap, the increase in power exceeds 5 HP.

• DCT brake caliper guard in carbon fiber
• Carbon fiber gearbox actuator guard
• Devices mounting predisposition on the handlebar support
• USB power outlet

Africa Twin Rally, manual transmission and sequential dual clutch transmisison DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) version, is available
in official Honda dealer network in Rally Red color and
Tricolor HRC.

WHEELBASE: 1.575mm 1.575mm
TOTAL HEIGHT: 1.475mm 1.450mm
SEAT HEIGHT: 870mm 900mm
WEIGHT: 221kg 215kg
TOTAL LENGHT: 2.335mm 2.395mm
TOTAL WIDTH: 875mm 875mm



Motore Bicilindrico parallelo, raffreddato a liquido, con manovellismo a 270°, distribuzione Unicam a 4 valvole per cilindro, Euro4
Cilindrata 998 cc
Alesaggio x corsa 92 x 75,1 mm
Coppia massima 100 Nm @ 6.250 giri/min (versione full power)
Potenza massima 100 CV (70 kW) @ 7.750 giri/min (versione full power)
Alimentazione Iniezione elettronica PGM-FI
Capacità serbatoio 18,8 litri
Consumi (ciclo medio WMTC) 21,7 km/l (versione DCT: 21,8 km/l)
Frizione Multidisco in bagno d’olio, assistita con antisaltellamento (doppia su versione DCT)
Cambio Manuale a 6 rapporti sempre in presa, (Sequenziale doppia frizione a 6 rapporti con funzione G per off-road su versione DCT)
Trasmissione finale Catena sigillata con O-ring
HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) A 3 livelli + off
Telaio Semi-doppia culla in acciaio con telaietto reggisella ad alta resistenza
Dimensioni (L x L x A) 2.395 x 875 x 1.450mm (versioni MT e DCT)
Interasse 1.575 mm
Inclinazione cannotto di sterzo 27,5°
Avancorsa 113 mm
Raggio di sterzata 2,5 m
Altezza sella 900 mm
Altezza da terra 285 mm
Peso a secco 206 kg (MT), 216 kg (DCT)
Peso in o.d.m. con il pieno 226 kg (MT), 236 kg (DCT)
Distribuzione dei pesi 49,1% ant. / 50,9% post.
Raggio di sterzata 2,6 m
Sospensione anteriore Forcella rovesciata a perno avanzato Showa a cartuccia con steli da 45 mm, pluriregolabile con possibilità di pressurizzazione. Escursione 230 mm
Sospensione posteriore Forcellone in alluminio con bracci a sezione differenziata, monoammortizzatore pluriregolabile con leveraggio Pro Link, escursione ruota 220 mm
Ruota anteriore A raggi con cerchio in alluminio
Ruota posteriore A raggi con cerchio in alluminio
Dimensioni cerchio ant. 21 x 1.85”
Dimensioni cerchione post. 18 x 2.50”
Pneumatico anteriore Michelin Desert Race 90/90-21” con camera d’aria
Pneumatico posteriore Michelin Desert Race 140/80-18” con camera d'aria
Freni anteriori Dischi flottanti a margherita da 310 mm con flangia in alluminio, pinze radiali a 4 pistoncini con pastiglie in metallo sinterizzato, ABS
Freno posteriore Disco a margherita da 256 mm con pinza a 1 pistoncino, pastiglie in metallo sinterizzato, ABS. Anche freno di stazionamento con leva al manubrio (solo versione DCT).
Freno di stazionamento Pinza a 1 pistoncino, con comando al manubrio, su 4 livelli (solo versione DCT)
ABS A due canali, disinseribile sulla ruota posteriore
Cruscotto Layout verticale e comandi a cursore sul manubrio: contagiri, livello benzina, tachimetro, marcia inserita, computer di bordo, trip computer per i consumi, orologio, contachilometri con due parziali, temperatura liquido raffreddamento, livello HSTC, modalità D/S e G (solo versione DCT)
Gruppi ottici ant/post Full-LED
Indicatori di direzione Con funzione di luci di posizione (APL, Amber Position Light). A LED

Caratteristiche della versione Rally (rispetto ai modelli standard):

  • Sovrastrutture rally replica
  • Gruppi ottici a LED rally replica
  • Torre porta strumenti in alluminio stile rally
  • Sella off-road
  • Forcella rally kit
  • Piastre forcella in alluminio ricavate dal pieno, anodizzate
  • Ammortizzatore posteriore rally kit
  • Paramotore in fibra di carbonio
  • Componentistica in fibra di carbonio
  • Griglie protezione radiatori
  • Ruote professionali rally con mozzi in allumino ricavati dal pieno
  • Pneumatici rally
  • Tubi freno in treccia metallica
  • Tubi radiatore in gomma siliconica
  • Centralina elettronica rimappabile via App
  • Scarico completo Racing con dB killer
  • Guida catena in Teflon
  • Pedane in acciaio dal pieno
  • Attacchi per le borse originali Honda