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For the most demanding customers, Honda RedMoto has created a complete line of CRF RX Enduro Specials equipped with a series of high-quality accessories that further embellish the already super-performing Enduros of the winged company.

Among the details, in addition to the graphics and the HRC-style seat cover, the wheels with hub machined from solid wood, the very useful wheel extractors and the rear caliper support to facilitate removal of the wheels at the time check stand out.

The imposing skid plate protects the frame cradle and the linkage from impacts.

Countless details machined from solid, the transmission with anodized bimetal crown and the silicone radiator hoses make the CRF Special even more captivating.

The hydraulically controlled clutch, the Rekluse crankcase with increased capacity, together with the fork plates machined from solid wood complete the rich standard equipment of the motorbike.

The racing exhaust system and two different types of Rekluse clutch are offered as options, the reinforced Core Manual and the automatic Radius CX, both combined with the Rekluse clutch basket machined from solid material. The carbon tank is also a valuable option.

For the 250 and 300, the hydraulic clutch complete with billet crankcase, created by the Honda Racing World Enduro team, is also available as a further upgrade.


Tipo Monocilindrico 4T, raffreddato a liquido, 4 valvole DOHC
Cilindrata 249,4 cc
Alesaggio x corsa 79 x 50,9 mm
Rapporto di compressione 13,9 : 1
Capacità totale olio 1.350 cc


Tipo Iniezione elettronica PGM-FI, con selezione mappature EMSB
Capacità serbatoio 7,7 litri


Accensione Digitale CDi
Avviamento Elettrico


Frizione Multidisco in bagno d’olio
Tipo di cambio 5 marce, sempre in presa
Trasmissione finale A catena


Tipo Doppio trave in alluminio


Dimensioni (LxLxA) 2.176 x 839 x 1.281 mm
Interasse 1.477 mm
Inclinazione cannotto 27°15'
Avancorsa 114 mm
Altezza sella 964 mm
Altezza da terra 335 mm
Peso in Ordine di marcia ( si intende con tutti i liquidi e il pieno di benzina) 108 kg


Anteriore Forcella Showa a steli rovesciati da 49 mm
Posteriore Monoammortizzatore Showa con Pro-Link


Anteriore A raggi, cerchi e mozzi in alluminio
Posteriore A raggi, cerchi e mozzi in alluminio


Anteriore 90/90-21” Metzeler Six Days Extreme
Posteriore 140/80-18” Metzeler Six Days Extreme


Anteriore Disco wave da 260 mm, pinza a due pistoncini
Posteriore Disco wave da 240 mm, pinza singolo pistoncino
  • Features for all special models

    Kite front wheel with billet aluminum hub, blue anodized and black anodized Excel rim

    Kite rear wheel with billet aluminum hub, blue anodized and black anodized Excel rim

    AXP skid plate including linkage protection made of high density polyethylene

    Bimetal crown, aluminum hub and steel teeth.

    X-Trig Rocs triple clamps machined from solid aluminum, blue anodized

    X-Trig aluminum handlebar support riser

    Blackbird non-slip saddle cover

    Blue silicone radiator hoses

    Wheel axle extractors machined from solid aluminum, blue anodized

    Rear brake master cylinder cap machined from solid aluminum, blue anodized

    Larger rear brake pump reservoir machined from solid aluminium

    Rear brake rod made from billet aluminium

    Plate with safety cable for rear brake lever

    Simplified electrical system

    Blue anodized aluminum engine cap kit

    Rekluse clutch cover

    Magura hydraulic clutch master cylinder (250/300)

    Vibram frame protectors with super grip effect



    Rekluse Core Manual Clutch Reinforced with clutch bell machined from solid

    Rekluse Radius CX automatic clutch with billet clutch bell

    Full Racing exhaust system

    CMT carbon fiber tank

    “Honda World Enduro Team” hydraulic clutch unit with crankcase machined from solid (250/300)