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The CRF 400RX Enduro is conceived and developed with the concept of usability, using the basis of the 2024 CRF 450RX YM. The engine with its soft response to the touch of the throttle and the smooth delivery of power from low revs, adapts to the needs of all fans of the Honda brand. The significantly lower torque and even smoother power delivery favors driving when exiting corners. Chassis rigidity and revised suspension allow for greater braking stability, quicker cornering, greater front tire grip and better control over rough terrain. It’s a motorcycle designed to go faster, easier.

Detailed changes to chassis rigidity allow the perfectly tuned suspension to work more efficiently. The junction between the down tube and the cradle now has a wall thickness of 6mm; as well as the upper shock absorber attachment which, combined with the steel head supports, significantly improve traction.

the Honda EMSB (Engine Mode Select Button) engine map selection system allows the rider to instantly adapt the engine’s delivery characteristics to the track conditions. Map 1 standard, map 2 smooth suitable for low grip surfaces and map 3 aggressive is the sportiest.

Finally, a new and captivating metallic blue graphic perfectly complements the more incisive lines of the CRF400RX 24MY.



Tipo Monocilindrico 4 tempi, raffreddato a liquido, con distribuzione monoalbero Unicam a 4 valvole
Cilindrata 413 cc
Alesaggio x corsa 92.0 x 62.1mm
Rapporto di compressione 13 : 1


Tipo Iniezione elettronica PGM-FI con selezione delle mappature EMSB, controllo trazione HTSC e launch control.
Capacità serbatoio 7,7 litri


Accensione Digitale CDI
Avviamento Elettrico


Frizione Multidisco in bagno d’olio a comando idraulico
Cambio 5 marce
Finale A catena


Telaio Doppio trave in alluminio di ottava generazione
Dimensions (L´W´H) 2.182 x 839 x 1.282 mm
Interasse 1.477 mm
Inclinazione cannotto di sterzo 27,2°
Avancorsa 115 mm
Altezza sella 961 mm
Altezza da terra 334 mm
Peso in Ordine di marcia ( si intende con tutti i liquidi e il pieno di benzina) 113.6 kg
Sospensione anteriore Forcella rovesciata SHOWA con molle in acciaio completamente regolabile. Steli da 49mm, escursione 310mm
Sospensione posteriore Ammortizzatore Showa con leveraggio Honda Pro-Link.


Cerchio anteriore In alluminio, a raggi, 21”x1.6
Cerchio posteriore In alluminio, a raggi, 18”x2.15
Pneumatico anteriore 90/90-21” Metzeler Six Days Extreme
Pneumatico posteriore 140/80-18” Metzeler Six Days Extreme


Anteriore Disco wave da 260, pinza a 2 pistoncini
Posteriore Disco wave da 240 mm, pinza a singolo pistoncino
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