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Mechanically unchanged, the new 2024 CRF300RX is the most desired in the Honda Enduro range. The targeted development of the cylinder head guarantees considerable strength at low speeds and the radiators ensure maximum radiant efficiency. The clutch has 9 discs, while the reinforced gearbox has perfectly calibrated ratios. The Showa suspensions are perfectly calibrated for enduro use and adapt to different types of terrain. A new metallic blue graphic design distinguishes the 2024 model.

A higher-performance engine, a 3kg weight saving, geometry changes and suspension upgrades have come together to create a package that delivers better handling and more speed.

The CRF 300RX Enduro has a specific mapping to best adapt to typical enduro use. The engine revs up very quickly and the power delivery is smooth and linear, while the torque is full-bodied right from low revs. Overall there is an incredible performance, with the possibility of insisting on the same gear from one corner to the next taking advantage of the considerable extension. A robust and powerful engine, usable from low revs, which enhances the agility of the chassis.


Tipo Monocilindrico 4T, raffreddato a liquido, 4 valvole DOHC
Cilindrata 295,5 cc
Alesaggio x corsa 86 x 50,9 mm
Rapporto di compressione 13,5 : 1
Capacità totale olio 1.350 cc


Tipo Iniezione elettronica PGM-FI, con selezione mappature EMSB
Capacità serbatoio 7,7 litri


Accensione Digitale CDi
Avviamento Elettrico


Frizione Multidisco in bagno d’olio
Tipo di cambio 5 marce, sempre in presa
Trasmissione finale A catena


Tipo Doppio trave in alluminio

Peso in Ordine di marcia ( si intende con tutti i liquidi e il pieno di benzina)


Dimensioni (LxLxA) 2.176 x 839 x 1.281 mm
Interasse 1.477 mm
Inclinazione cannotto 27°15'
Avancorsa 114 mm
Altezza sella 964 mm
Altezza da terra 335 mm
Peso in Ordine di marcia ( si intende con tutti i liquidi e il pieno di benzina) 108 kg


Anteriore Forcella Showa a steli rovesciati da 49 mm
Posteriore Monoammortizzatore Showa con Pro-Link


Anteriore A raggi, cerchi e mozzi in alluminio
Posteriore A raggi, cerchi e mozzi in alluminio


Anteriore 90/90-21” Metzeler Six Days Extreme
Posteriore 140/80-18” Metzeler Six Days Extreme


Anteriore Disco wave da 260 mm, pinza a due pistoncini
Posteriore Disco wave da 240 mm, pinza singolo pistoncino
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